Can dogs eat potato chips

Can dogs eat potato chips

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Can dogs eat potato chips

In my opinion, the best thing about dogs is that they get to see all their favorite tv show with me on my big screen tv with the big plasma, and then they see their favorite shows on tv with me on my computer monitor. Then they see their favorite tv show when i play my ipod, etc. And now they can see their favorite tv show with me when i play wii, wii u, iphone, ps3 and all my new electronics. So thats why dogs are super cool.

I have also noticed that dogs and other animals are more patient than humans when it comes to new electronics. So my dog is fine as long as he knows that im not playing it for too long. You can teach them not to like a game or tv show if you use the same one too long or too often. For me I have been using the iphone to program my wii and iphone but then my dog gets really annoyed by it. I think its because the iphone and the wii and the iphone are all the same thing so he thinks that im not watching tv with him and i really am not. Dont get me wrong, i am not trying to be mean about the dog, but i do think that its funny that hes the one who figures out the difference between the three electronics even though i taught him.

So i hope this helps you learn more about your dogs preferences.

I just found this out a few minutes ago and im excited to try it.

I think that if you teach your dog that one of your favorite tv shows is on, you should turn off your wii or iphone or other electronics before your dog learns what its like.

But anyway if your dog wants to see that tv show then turn it on again before they figure it out. I hope this was helpful.

No one is to young to start a family. It is never too late or too early. Be responsible and take precautions before, during and after sex. I believe this should be a part of every sex education.

The thing with the tv is that as long as he knows the difference between the two it should be fine. My dogs all have the wii and have not figured out that iphones can play games or that wii's can be on. They all know when my 3 year old tv is on or off. They always know when my 3 year old wii is on or off.

But once they are 5 or 6 and more experienced I think it may be harder for them to separate the two.

One thing you might want to try is giving each of them a separate tv that they can watch their own tv show on, or their own game, and use their own iphone.

As long as each dog knows what each device is used for and treats them the same if they aren't there they aren't going to get attached to one tv or game over the other.

One last thing, if you have a small area for them to spend time together try using a couple of boxes with toys and treats.

We're lucky to live near a pet store and when I saw a box of puppies I got really excited thinking I could have a puppy. But when we were getting them home we found out they were 3 month old. So we got two of them, a female puppy and a male puppy. They play a lot together, chase each other around the house, and play chase with us when we are outside.

I got two old tv's (1 wii, 1 xbox360) that I use for them to watch their movies/tv/games. I got the xbox360 because I didn't think the wii would last as long and I got the wii for the kids.

My dogs love both but they aren't attached to either one. They both have their favorites that they have bonded with so they will watch their favorite tv and games when it is on. When it isn't they have toys to play with and they love to play with their toys.

The only thing I have to watch is they don't get used to using it for too long. They can get used to one tv/game for about 3-4 hours but after that I have to change things around so they can't get used to it.

But I don't think they are attached to either tv or the games they play on it. They love it, but I don't think it is a game for them because they are too young. When it isn't in use it's just another toy for them to play with.

I got a wii just because I thought that they would be attached to it. My first dog, Rufus, I thought would because he just loved the wii, but he wouldn't lay down and just watch tv. He would lay in bed with me and watch tv with me. I was so shocked because it was nothing like I expected and I didn't know what to think. So, in the end, I took the wii and a few games just to give them to them to play with. I thought it would be easier for me to change things around for them.

Then my other dog, Dobby, I wasn't sure of. He has been through several litters. He's been around a couple of different dogs. He was always a lap dog, very attached to my husband and I. So, I was really worried if he would be attached to the wii. The only time that he was attached to anything was the wii. He wouldn't play with it, he wouldn't lay down next to it, he wouldn't even look at it. But he did look at it. He always would lay next to me while I played games or watched tv and he would stare at the wii.

I don't think that they will be attached to it either, because they like to play and interact with people. I want to teach them that people are good because a lot of the times when I put them in different places, my heart aches, and I think that they will learn that from watching them interact with people.

So, I have it, and for now, that's it. I just can't help myself from wanting a second one, just to teach my little ones, and me that people are good.

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Friday, July 15, 2009

When people ask me what I am going to name my new baby girl, I tell them that she is going to be named after two great people in my life. It won't matter that one is a person and one is a place. I'm

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