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Keeping your cat healthy

Chow Time: A Guide to Feeding Your Cat

Diet is the foundation of good health for most living things, and your cat is no different. While Garfield can get away with eating lasagna at every meal, your feline operates in a world where poor nutritional choices have consequences. What and when you feed your cat can have a profound impact on his health and well-being.
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Tips on Choosing a Cat Breeder - Getting a Recommendation

One of the most important things you can do after knowing you want a certain cat breed is to choose a good breeder? But how do you choose a good breeder? What do you look for? How do you find a good breeder? The best recommendation may come from your veterinarian. Veterinarians generally will work with breeders and know which breeders do a responsible job providing good care and those who don't.
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Duck heads for dogs

“Anacostia Park is a dog park. We are going to do a lot of dog training and we are going to start some training with the dogs,” said park manager Steve Wiegand.
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